Mobile application

Create a mobile application in the service of your performance

You will have a solution for designing mobile applications on Android and IOS, tablets and smartphones, in order to obtain the maximum possible impact in terms of users and application deployment. We are in charge of updating and installing new versions on the stores.

Application mobile
Application mobile

How do we proceed

Application mobile

Project study

Identification of your needs with a specification of the goals.

The model's design

Graphic creation: colours, typography, images ...etc.


technical development of the application's features and content entry.

Application mobile

Putting the application online

Launch of the application on the App Store & Play Store to make it accessible to all.


Training of the user to update their application

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The most used features

Visit statistics

To ensure the proper functioning of your mobile application, learn more about who your actual users are and which pages receive the most traffic.

Notification and push

You will have the option to express yourself freely and in real time, whether you want to share company news or make an announcement about promotions.


Your mobile application & design will conform to the necessary visual coherence, which basically comes down to design, ergonomics, and usability, to match the interface to your expectations and needs.

Advice and project follow-up Notification and push

In order to deliver you an excellent relational quality and a continuous interchange, we assign you a personal contact who will be there for you throughout your project.


Why should I choose MediaZain  ?

A comprehensive proposal

A high-quality, user-friendly, and manageable website.
A website that is optimized for natural referencing can draw you more visitors and, as a result, enable you to grow your clientele.
A dashboard that allows you to track and raise your website's profitability.

Advice and project follow-up

A project manager who guarantees the proper delivery of your website and is present at every stage of the project.
Free and personalised training to ensure your autonomy in the website management.

Technical assistance

Technical support is available. Whether by email or by phone, we will always be there to listen.
Any bug or malfunction will be treated as a priority and as soon as possible.

Mobile applications are used by 93% of smartphone owners.



More than 1000 customers have trusted us with their projects.

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