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How do we proceed

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Research and analysis

We study the purchasing trends related to your business and examine the behavior of your target market in order to implement an appropriate digital marketing strategy that will satisfy your needs and objectives.

Creation of your advertising banners

To capture the attention of your target audience and generate a high click- through rate, we design customised and creative banner advertisements that conform to web standards.

Campaign settings

An accurate parameterization that will permit the lowest-cost lead and sales generation.

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Throughout the duration of your campaigns, we carefully monitor your advertisements to optimise their performance and maximise conversions.

Monthly statistical reports and analysis

You'll know exactly how many users are seeing your advertisements and the click-through rate to your website or conversion rate, and much more information that will allow you to both cross-reference data and prepare reports as needed

Purchase of advertising space

Advertising Google Adwords

C’est la plus grande régie publicitaire au monde. Google Adwords est un moyen simple et économique de faire de la publicité sur des millions de pages d'informations, de sites spécialisés, de sites de vidéos et de blogs de grande qualité.

  • We monitor the results of your Google campaigns and continually optimise them to ensure you get the best position.
  • With the aim of reaching your prospects, we focus on the most relevant words and locations associated with your business.
  • You appear in the top results of Google searches.

Facebook Advertising

Thanks to the diversity of formats they offer and the skill with which they can be targeted, Facebook advertisements have emerged as one of the easiest and most efficient ways to contact practically all of your potential clients.

  • For you, we design a fully customized Facebook Business page.
  • You beenfit from immediate visibility on a significant network.
  • You connect with customers who are most likely to be interested in your company.
  • You attract more potential clients to your website.

Why should I choose MediaZain ?

A comprehensive proposal

A high-quality, user-friendly, and manageable website.
A website that is optimized for natural referencing can draw you more visitors and, as a result, enable you to grow your clientele.
A dashboard that allows you to track and raise your website's profitability.

Advice and project follow-up

A project manager who guarantees the proper delivery of your website and is present at every stage of the project.
Free and personalised training to ensure your autonomy in the website management.

Technical assistance

Technical support is available. Whether by email or by phone, we will always be there to listen.
Any bug or malfunction will be treated as a priority and as soon as possible.


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