Video Creation

Reach your target audience with a corporate video.

Corporate video is an excellent way to market your firm, cultivate client loyalty, and convey your company's distinctive image.
Corporate video can be used in a variety of ways and on different media: websites, mobile devices, emails, trade fairs and exhibitions...
Corporate video is a resource for information, prospecting and, most importantly, differentiating. There are many benefits to corporate advertising.

The benefits

Seduce and impact

Videos speak to everyone and are highly engaging. Many internet users prefer to watch video content instead of written content.


People tend to share videos more than any other type of content. This means your video can spread exponentially across the web.


Videos are viewable from PCs and mobile devices, and may require less uptime than written content.

Traffic generation

People are more likely to visit your website and learn about your offer after viewing your video.

Search engine optimisation

Increase your search engine rankings, both on Google and YouTube.

Use entertaining and engaging videos to attract in new clients.

The most used features


Editorial strategy.


Production and editing of videos.


Integration of the videos in Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.


Referencing the videos in SEO


Why should I choose MediaZain ?

A comprehensive proposal

A high-quality, user-friendly, and manageable website.
A website that is optimized for natural referencing can draw you more visitors and, as a result, enable you to grow your clientele.
A dashboard that allows you to track and raise your website's profitability.

Advice and project follow-up

A project manager who guarantees the proper delivery of your website and is present at every stage of the project.
Free and personalised training to ensure your autonomy in the website management.

Technical assistance

Technical support is available. Whether by email or by phone, we will always be there to listen.
Any bug or malfunction will be treated as a priority and as soon as possible.

at least 80% Use entertaining and engaging videos to draw in new clients.



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